Eugenio Derbez reveals that he is supporting Sammy Pérez in his hospitalization for Covid-19

Sammy perez, a famous Televisa actor known for his appearances on television programs with Eugenio Derbez, is in poor health due to a SARS-COV2 infection. A couple of days ago, various media reported that Perez He was hospitalized due to complications from the disease and is in serious condition. Derbez It became a trend on social networks for not issuing a statement about the status of his colleague, however, in recent hours he published a video on social networks that is already turning the platforms.

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Sammy Y Eugene they started working together in the 1990s. The popularity of the former increased thanks to his appearances in Derbez in When Y XHDBZ, programs of the comedy bar on Televisa that enjoyed great success during their respective broadcasts. The style of Perez He was always distinctive in front of the cameras, with cantinfleo tendencies that quickly earned him the affection of the public and the arrival of more projects for the small screen. He also joined Eugene in No refunds – 55%, the actor’s first film in which he served as the lead and director.

The state of health of Sammy It is serious, reported Evolutio Pro (via Noticieros Televisa), the company that represents him. In the last hours rumors circulated about the alleged death of the actor, however, his team invites the public not to believe in falsehoods: “Do not listen to media that only want to attract attention or gain followers. We are in a very delicate moment, the family is also affected. Any information that comes out of this page is official. ” For its part, and under pressure from the networks and their trends, Eugene He has already shared a statement in which he confirms that he is aware of the situation of Sammy, but who prefers to help silently:

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For a minute and a half, Eugenio Derbez He points out that he has already contacted the family and is supporting everything his friend may need. The actor’s haters did not take long to appear and in networks an alleged WhatsApp capture is already circulating in which one of the relatives of Sammy holds a conversation with Eugene and he refuses to grant financial support to the family. Some Internet users assure that the material is mounted and is false, and that the account that is distributing it does not belong to those close to Perez. Derbez it has not commented on this specific situation.

It is known that the family of Sammy perez is already asking for support through networks and that some are responding to the call. The pandemic in Mexico is going through the third wave and the authorities continue to invite the population to receive the vaccine. The use of face masks and social distancing continue to be valuable tools to prevent infections and avoid the increase in the use of beds in hospitals. TO Sammy perez We wish him a speedy recovery.

Eugenio Derbez continues to triumph in the United States with some personal projects. He has given special emphasis to Traveling with the Derbez, a documentary comedy starring his family in which we see them travel and have all kinds of adventures. The Mexican actor has built a fascinating career in the film and television industry, with his people closely supporting and also promoting their own projects. To the empire Derbez He still has many years ahead of him and the heirs have achieved significant influence in the environment.

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