FMF reports a new fine due to the discriminatory cry


The sanctions of the FIFA to FMF by the appearance of He shouted considered of character homophobic they keep coming. This Wednesday, Yon de Luisa, president of the national body, confirmed having received a economic fine what would be of 100 thousand Swiss francs, the equivalent of 2.1 million pesos, specifically for the friendly match between the Mexican team and its similar to Iceland, celebrated the past May 29.

On last june, the FMF had already been punished with 60 thousand Swiss francs (about 1.4 million pesos) and two veto parties for what happened in the Pre-Olympic Tournament same in which the discriminatory expression was also heard.

Today we received a statement from them, it is an economic sanction and we are already requesting again – as we did in the other sanction – the detail of this one in order to understand why in some cases there is a veto in our stadiums and why in other cases it is an economic fine, ”shared de Luisa.

Regarding the previous punishment, the leader established that they are “waiting for the complete resolution towards the end of this week, the beginning of the next one”, in order to “understand the detail well.”

We have expressed our concern about how it can affect the different calendars in national football and particularly that of the women’s National Team, which would be the matches after the first game here in Mexico – Jamaica ”, he added.

Finally, the manager also referred to the possibility of continuing to be sanctioned, now for the rest of friendly matches who played the Tricolor in recent months, in addition to the meetings corresponding to the Nations league Concacaf and gold Cup.

We have been working with Concacaf and with FIFA, understanding what can come at the level of different sanctions. In the specific case of tournaments administered by Concacaf and for Concacaf, such as the Gold Cup, the authority is Concacaf. In case a sanction came, it would come from them ”, he explained.

Regarding what happened in the Pre-olympic:

Even though it is a tournament operated by Concacaf, it is endorsed by FIFA. In that sense, we do have this clarity that the sanctions are going to be different, because they come from different organizations (…) What I can say is that in the Gold Cup matches, especially the Mexico versus Trinidad match and Tobago, even when the protocol was carried out, fortunately step number three was not reached, therefore we were not sanctioned ”, he sentenced.


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