GaN chargers are making their way: should I buy one?

A gesture that we carry out practically every day is to charge our mobile or tablet. And how we do it and what type of charger we use will have different results. What happens when you use poor quality chargers? Well, not even the load is as fast as it should and that your safety is put at risk. The new generation GaN chargers They offer a fundamental advantage that you have to take into account.

Why are GaN chargers special?

GaN is a compound called Gallium Nitride and that it is an alternative to silicon. The main advantage of this type of charger is that they are more efficient and dissipate heat much better. With this, the deterioration of the components is avoided and security is gained. How many times have you almost burned yourself when removing the charger? That is, if gallium nitride is valid for something, it is because transfer more electricity in less time, at the same time that the charger itself is the one who monitors the load.

Currently there are some brands that are already offering GaN chargers with their devices, as Xiaomi is doing with the international M11, or how Apple intends to do in the future, which would allow its size to be reduced. This is the bet of all manufacturers, a movement that brands like Ugreen, or Belkin have already started.

Can I buy a GaN charger now?

Yes, on Amazon you have several models at your disposal. The best of all is that the current range is that of devices that have several ports, USB-A and USB-C, in order to respond to the charging needs of all your devices. It should be borne in mind that this type of chargers, due to the use of this innovative technology, they are not very cheap. It is true that we are used to paying less, but remember that security is priceless and that as they become popular, their price will probably fall.

Ugreen 65W charger

This manufacturer has launched a charger equipped with 4 ports that is really effective, that gives a very good response and that has a very efficient charge transfer. Being able to charge 4 devices at the same time without the appliance heating up is always a good option. Its price is around 50 euros, but the manufacturer now apply a discount coupon of € 5.


Aukey makes a very good bet with this charger, available in black or white. It has standard input and USB-C, offering 65W if we charge a single device, reducing to 45w if we use both ports at the same time. His price is € 39, it is very handy and does not take up too much size.

Remember, the technology that uses this material, of glass-like appearance, it will be the standard that will be incorporated in our domestic chargers shortly.

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