Hayao Miyazaki fans save Ghibli Museum from bankruptcy

Studio Ghibli has millions of fans around the world, but obviously the best are in Japan. Through Kotaku (via Vandal) it is reported that the studio’s thematic museum has raised enough funds to overcome the crisis caused by the 2020 pandemic. This complex is a favorite tourist destination in Tokyo and now it will be able to continue with its work thanks to the affection of the people who look at their stories with hope. Here are all the details.

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In February of last year, the Studio Ghibli museum closed its doors due to the global health crisis. Although it reopened in April, this 2021 it again interrupted activities until this month due to the state of emergency declared by the Japanese authorities. Although the Mitaka government granted the museum an emergency fund to cover its needs, the amount was not enough, so a collection was authorized in which only Japanese citizens could participate. The result has been completely happy and impressive.

According to the information, a base sum of US $ 45 was proposed to the donors, however, they took it with a challenge and went much further. In the first 24 hours approximately US $ 90 thousand were collected and by July 19 they reached US $ 200 thousand thanks to 2808 people. Crowdfunding has far exceeded the initial goal and the campaign still has many days to go, so the money for the Studio Ghibli museum will be much more than it was imagined. All thanks to the loving Japanese people who always know how to get ahead on their own and protect their national treasures.

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The Studio Ghibli museum was founded in 2001 and houses wonderful pieces and themed rooms of the Studio Ghibli films, which over the years continue to win the hearts of countless people around the world, founded by Hayao Miyazaki in 1985, Studio Ghibli remains very current and is a giant among fans of the animated industry. Thanks to him we have movies like Spirited Away – 97%, Princess Mononoke –

92%, Castle in the Sky – 95%, Tomb of the Fireflies – 97%, Memories of Yesterday – 100%, The Story of Princess Kaguya – 100%, Ponyo and the Secret of the Little Mermaid – 92%. He has a reputation that is unmatched to this day as his films are works of great beauty that even the Hollywood industry cannot effectively surpass.

For a few years it was difficult to enjoy Studio Ghibli movies online. The company was reluctant to share the rights to any streaming platform and it was only possible to enjoy them (legally) in physical format or on pay television. Fortunately, things changed last year when Netflix confirmed that the entire studio catalog would reach its service. Now we have all the movies at the click of a button and they continue to be a hit with users of the platform.

The latest Studio Ghibli film by Hayao Miyazaki en The Wind Rises – 88%, a look at the life of Jiro horikoshi, the man who designed Japanese fighter jets during World War II. Although he was widely recognized at festivals, he is often singled out for apparently having a weak script, very different from the filmmaker’s previous films. Miyazaki continues working on his next project, a short film entitled How do you live?, At the moment no release date has been announced, we will have to wait a little longer.

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