Home quarantine for coronavirus: can the Internet collapse?

Spain is currently in a State of Alarm due to the advance of the coronavirus. With more than 5,000 confirmed cases and more than 120 deaths, the Government asks the population to stay in their homes. At the time of passing the quarantine at home, there is no better plan than to enjoy an afternoon on the couch and Netflix with the family.

Faced with this situation, there are many who wonder if there is any risk that the Internet will collapse. And it is that they are not only the series. You have to add the telecommuting that many companies have implemented, online classes for children and adolescents… Without going any further, global Internet exchanges reached historical highs on March 10th. Yesterday, Friday March 13, the volume of traffic was 30% above the accumulated average in the last two months.

Despite the record numbers that are being recorded, the Internet has not gone down, nor is there reason to think that this will happen because of the quarantine at home. Experts point out that the Internet is prepared to withstand the stress derived from the exponential growth of traffic.

Of course, they warn that errors can occur on certain platforms and websites if they do not have enough resources to respond to the growing volume of users. Something like that happened with HBO before the premiere of the last season of its star series: Game of Thrones.

However, in principle there is nothing to worry about. In Spain there is an extraordinary fiber optic infrastructure, which covers 80% of the population. In addition, there are more than 10 million households with an Internet connection of more than 100 Mbps speed and it is the tenth country in the world with the fastest Internet.

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