Internet User Day, Why is it celebrated on August 23?

This August 23, the Internet user day. Your day, mine, everyone’s, because we connect to the Internet many times every day.

The commemoration is no coincidence because August 23, 1991 is the day when a web server was already accessible to all users, after some time inventing this of the Internet. That is why the Internet User’s Day takes place today, where we could already begin to connect all of us.

Much has happened since 1991 and the web today is not the same as in the past. Either for better or for worse, it has evolved and it does so in an exaggerated way, so that we do not know what will happen to it in a few years.

And, of course, without Internet users, the internet and the web have no reason to exist, and that is why they are so important and there is a day in their honor.

A little history

The World Wide Web was created by Tim Berners, which, as we have pointed out, allowed its access to the general public. The purpose, initially, was to exchange automatic information between scientists in universities and institutes around the world, but as happened with the Facebook network, this purpose passed its beginning.

The first World Wide Web is not a jewel of design, it was not the purpose at that time, and what there was was an explanation of what a website is and in which you could learn things about the project and there were also references to why it was created . Although they appeared early, back then there were no browsers or search engines.

The websites had a didactic purpose, which, as we can see, over time has passed to other purposes.

More and more people connected to the Internet

There is an increasing number of internet users in the world. A report from We Are Social and Hootsuite assures that the world has 4,388 million Internet users, a penetration of 57%. But this is increasing, because there are countries that connected little and now penetration is even greater. Robots, artificial intelligence and new standards will shape the future of the Internet.

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