Jennifer Lopez continues to search for a home, now a house under construction

Jennifer Lopez continues to search for a home with her partner Ben Affleck. Could it be that they finally found it?

Jennifer Lopez keep looking for a home. The actress and singer is looking for a new apartment to share with her partner, Ben affleck.

The last property the young couple visited is under construction. There, Jennifer was seen climbing a ladder while exploring a house, still under construction.

The property, located in Bel Aire, apparently interested the couple. The singer arrived at the place accompanied by who seemed to be an architect, who showed her the property.

The singer took her time to walk and discuss plans as she made her way around every corner and even climbed a tall ladder to reach the top of the house.

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Let’s remember that López and Affleck have resumed their relationship after having a first love affair when they were both very young.

In recent months, your partner has taken giant steps, sharing with children, family and traveling to different places as a couple.

Now, the couple are looking to take the next step and have shown themselves looking for a new space to share.

After Jennifer ended her relationship with the baseball player Alex Rodriguez, has spoken about their relationship and why he is not afraid to show himself with his new love.

In an interview, the singer commented: “I realized that I was good with myself and that happiness begins with me. There are things that happen suddenly and that you would never have expected to happen… ”.

This statement may be related to Affleck, whom she began dating just over a month after ending her 4-year relationship with Rodriguez.

“Once you feel good and you come to the conclusion that something is not good or does not feel good, you know that you need to make a change, not for others but for yourself… and so it was that the pieces began to fall into place. place ”, he finished explaining.

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