Kid Loki is the oldest and most intimidating of the Lokis

Kid Loki poster cutout from the Loki series (2021)

The Serie “Loki” has turned the Marvel Cinematic Universe upside down by playing with the multiverse, by fully introducing the whole idea of ​​different universes and different timelines, although giving explanations along the way that are not entirely clear. One of the consequences of all this is that we have the presence of the MCU character variants. Thus, we have been able to enjoy various versions of Loki.

Classic Loki, by Richard E. Grant, has turned out to be a pleasant surprise, but special attention has also been given to Kid loki, especially because of the possibility that he somehow ends up being part of the Young Avengers. This group of young heroes is preparing to make their MCU debut, and in the cartoons, the adolescent version of Loki has been part of their lineup.

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Taking stock of his time in the Marvel series, the young actor has been asked Jack Veal for his version of Kid Loki, and this one has revealed an interesting detail. In the series itself he places Kid Loki as the King of the Void, and they try to paint him as the most dangerous of the Lokis. Veal states that Kid Loki is the oldest and most intimidating of all the Lokis that we have seen in the series.

Many people don’t know, but Kid Loki is the oldest in the Void. It was erased thousands of years before and it just didn’t get old because The Void is the end of time as Judge Renslayer said.

There is also the mere fact that he killed Thor. Like I said, no other Loki would dare to try or do it successfully. That not only does the oldest but also the most intimidating.

Asked about his future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, obviously the actor would be delighted to repeat the experience, as he has very much enjoyed his time in the Marvel series. Yes, for the moment knows nothing about the Young Avengers adaptation:

It has been an incredible journey and I never expected to get that far. Taking such a step would be very surreal. I would love to do something as big as that, but so far I haven’t heard of The Young Avengers from Marvel.

In fact, in general, don’t know if there’s a future for Kid Loki after its appearance in the first season:

I don’t know where Kid Loki is going or if he’s going anywhere, but what I do know is that Kid Loki is such an intricate and complex character (after he killed Thor especially) that an exploration of his backstory and what that he does from now on would be impressive to see.

Kid Loki and Alligator Loki are the only two versions of Loki that apparently survive, beyond the Loki that have been able to survive the brawl in the underground base. The door is thus left open to the return of both in the future of the series.

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