La Calle del Terror: The director said that Guillermo del Toro personally gave her an idea for the film – .

RL Stine is best known for his book series Chills and its television adaptation in the 1990s. Thanks to both, he is one of the most recognizable faces of childhood terror. There has been no shortage of people who consider him to be the Stephen King for children, although that is completely debatable. His work had a second wind worldwide with the film adaptations that came out recently, starting with Chills – 76%.

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What not everyone knew, until recently, is that he also has a book series ALREADY known as Fear Street. That changed thanks to Netflix and its recent trilogy. Actually to Chernin Entertainment. That company produced the three films that were to be distributed by 20th Century Studios (formerly 20th Century Fox). Then the pandemic came and they sold the distribution rights to Netflix. Thanks to that in these weeks we were able to see The Street of Terror, Part 1: 1994 –

93%, The Street of Terror, Part 2: 1978 – 95% and The Street of Terror, Part 3: 1666 – 85%.

Anyone who has seen the movie and paid attention to the credits will have noticed that the flies that accompany serial killers have names. One is called Paul, another Christina and one more Guillermo. No, they are not imagining it; it is named after Guillermo del Toro.

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Leigh Janiak, the director and writer of the trilogy, recently gave an interview for Moviefone (via .) in which she explained why flies have that name and not just that. In it, he revealed that the Mexican director was the one who gave him the idea that serial killers were distinguished by the presence of these insects:

So Paul was my visual effects supervisor and Christina my visual effects producer. Guillermo is for Guillermo del Toro. Guillermo was very nice and watched early cuts from the first and second movies. He still hadn’t made a director’s cut of the third film. It’s funny because he said ‘I feel like they need a unifying thing that can be seen every time the killers show up. We had played with versions of what we could prepare and develop. We had flies that I had designed for the third movie, simply to reflect the rottenness of the world and what was going on. He said, ‘maybe a fly or something like that.’ And I thought, yes, perfect. So he gave us this brilliant idea and is fully responsible for creating that idea. So I thought it would be cool to call a fly in his honor.

In recent times the director also said that, in view of the success of the films, she would like to make her own cinematic universe of Fear Street and he has already mentioned ideas of what he could do in future films. One of them was revealed in an interview for Collider and involves exploring a little more of a murderer with a Frankenstein touch:

I love Humpty Dumpty’s killer! It was in the original script. I put it there and I had a really interesting backstory that I started thinking about, about a guy who was killing people and taking parts of their body and making new people with them. Like sewing things together, like Humpty Dumpty putting things back together. And then I just didn’t really know what era it would make sense to live in and what it was, and I secretly thought there was a lot going on here. Maybe we will deal with this in another movie. […] We have ideas.

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