Milwaukee Bucks conquers the ring after beating Phoenix Suns (105-98)

07/21/2021 at 8:42 AM CEST

Milwaukee bucks took home victory against Phoenix suns by 105-98 during the sixth and last game of the NBA Finals Play-offs, with which he finally managed to rise as champion of the season.

The first quarter was dominated by the Milwaukee Bucks players, in fact, they got an 11-2 run and achieved the maximum difference (13 points) at the end of the quarter until they finished with a 29-16 score. After this, during the second quarter the visitors managed to recover points until the game came back, in fact, the team achieved a partial during this quarter of 13-1 and reached a difference of seven points (40-47) during the quarter, which finished with a partial score of 13-31. After this, the teams accumulated a total of 42-47 points before the break.

In the third quarter there were several movements on the scoreboard, which ended with a partial result of 35-30 and 77-77 in total. Finally, the last quarter was dominated by the local team players, they reached a difference of eight points (98-90) and the quarter ended with a partial result of 28-21. After all this, the match ended with a final result of 105-98 for the locals.

During the meeting, the participation of Giannis Antetokounmpo Y Jrue Holiday, who had 50 points, two assists and 14 rebounds and 12 points, 11 assists and nine rebounds respectively. For their part, the visiting team stood out Chris paul Y Jae crowder, with 26 points, five assists and two rebounds and 15 points and 13 rebounds respectively.

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