Naomi Campbell goes for the first time for a walk with her daughter

Model Naomi Campbell goes for a walk with her two-month-old daughter. They both paid tribute to Versace on his death anniversary.

Naomi campbell He goes out for a walk with his daughter for the first time. The British model became a mother at age 50 and enjoys motherhood to the fullest.

They both walked the streets of New York City. The model wore a casual look, with a NY Yankees cap and a white blouse paired with green and black pants.

Carrying her baby’s stroller, Naomi is very happy and enjoying 100% of her new stage as a mother.

Such is his love for his little baby that recently, on the designer’s death anniversary Gianni versace, both paid him honor.

The model wanted to remember the designer through her little girl sharing a tender postcard Alluding to the distinctive Medusa. “We love you Gianni Versace” he wrote in the Instagram story.

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In addition, Campbell shared a video of her way down the runway, accompanied by the great Italian designer.

“I miss you Gianni Versace. Your insight and visionary actions, your work ethic worthy of admiration and your authentic embrace, generosity and beautiful heart ”.

Thus, Naomi Campbell remembers the designer 24 years after his murder. Her inspiring muse and best friend, who made her one of the “Gianni Girls”.

To this day, Naomi maintains a very familiar relationship with the Versace family. He remembers it fondly, alluding that he is where he is thanks to the designer.

In a 2017 interview with an Italian magazine, the model confessed that she even saved her life. “I can hear it in my mind, telling me not to do this, get out of this situation. And I obey. I owe it to him that I’m still alive“.

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