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Trading bots are fast becoming the next big thing in the DeFi and blockchain space. Discussions about the potential and breakthrough trends of bots continue to be trending within the ecosystem and as such their awareness and adoption are on the rise. In essence, these components, the bots, allow you to trade digital assets even without your full attention. They do everything automatically and independently following a set of established algorithms.

While the market for trading robots is relatively saturated, there are still a few standouts. NapBots has etched its name into the ecosystem as a trusted platform and resource for anything related to trading bots. With that said, if you are looking to adopt NapBots for your automated bot trading, this review covers everything you need to know, from what it is to what it can do.

What is NapBots?

In simple terms, NapBots is a cloud-based system that bridges the gap between traders and automated trading robots. It runs online and makes these bots accessible to traders with varying levels of experience or investment approaches. Essentially, bots execute trades on your instructions or depending on the strategies you prefer, even in your absence. However, there is no guarantee that bots will generate constant and stable income. However, even though nothing is 100%, bots are effective and largely excellent.

One of the most important advantages of NapBots is the flexibility, adaptability and dynamism that it offers to investors regardless of the scope of their experiences. For example, suppose you are an experienced trader who has enough knowledge to navigate the trading ecosystem. In that case, you can postpone the Bot only mode, which allows you to trade without bot interference. Apart from these, it is essential to note that NapBots is a payment platform with three different featured subscriptions. The plan ranges from silver to gold to platinum, which will cost you up to € 19, € 49, and € 99, ​​respectively. Please note that this price is subject to change, depending on your trade volume. At the moment, there are other unique and special offers for the gold and silver plans.

Compatible exchanges

As of today, NapBots supports eight exchanges with plans to add more as the project progresses. Currently the supported exchange is Bitmex, Bitfinex, Okex, Phemex, Bitstamp, Bitpanda, Kucoin, and Kraken, with plans to extend its reach to HitBtc, Revoult, CoinBase, and others in the future. These eight exchanges provide essential trading pairs for optimal investor and trader profitability. Some of them were considered taking into account the protection they offer, while others were considered due to their liquidity necessary to operate and execute algorithmic strategies.

Connecting this platform for trading is pretty straightforward and you can do it in just a few minutes. On the preferred exchange, you just have to create an API key directly in your account, which you will then fill out on the NapBots platform. After connecting the exchange, all you need to do is strategize, and you can relax and watch the bots execute your preferences.

Considering the supported cryptocurrencies, NapBots only provide strategies for some liquid crypto assets like BTC, BNB, EOS, ETH and more, or sometimes combine them.

How does NapBots work?

Essentially, it is important to understand the mechanisms that this platform incorporates before delving into it. Typically this is because there have been widespread misconceptions from beginners suggesting that you should always generate steady and consistent income at all times. This is false! Bots can have a bad day too. However, in the long run, you gain significantly more than you lose.

In fact, by instructing NapBots on the strategies to implement to trade in your absence, you don’t even need to keep an eye on the market. In fact, these bots run without a time limit, which can allow you to configure them to execute particular strategies for a whole year, or according to your preferences. Also, with NapBots, you can stay away from emotional trading in cases of severe volatility or FUD.

Again, keep in mind that NapBots does not require you to sport any type of trading funds on the platform. It is only there to execute your trading strategies from external or third party accounts. For example, if you are looking to use the bots on Phemex, then you need to fund your Phemex account. To fully authorize these bots, you need to connect NapBots to your business accounts, with API keys, as mentioned above. While the process may differ from exchange to exchange, they are all accessible and straightforward.


As hinted above, NapBots has different plans, silver, gold and platinum, which cost 19.49 and 99 euros respectively. Again, keep in mind that these amounts are subject to change based on your trading volume.

The silver plan allows access to weekly automatic signals. It is the most affordable option here, but it has limitations regarding the automatic allocation between a rational distribution and a preferred strategy. Suppose this plan doesn’t seem to align with your business goals. In that case, you can go for the 49 euro gold plan. This plan improves your library of strategies and also allows you to trade approximately 3,000 euros.

If more dynamism or flexibility is what you are looking for in your business journey, then the platinum plan is there for you. It comes at 99 euros a month, where you can trade up to approximately 5000 euros. The available payment options are Stripe or cryptocurrency.

NapBots also offers a simulator, which reflects the functionality of a virtual cash trading robot. This basically helps beginners understand how the platform works before investing real money.

Is NapBots safe?

Yes, your investment is safe as it never leaves your preferred wallet. All that is required is an API key that allows bots to execute trades from your account. So essentially NapBots can only help you trade and not withdraw your funds.

In addition, NapBots is a member of the Napoleon group that complies with the standards established by the AMF regulations. The bot just makes trading more accessible and accessible while helping users of all experience levels optimize their trades by minimizing losses and increasing profit margins. Decide based on price movements or other information specified by the user. It’s arguably the best when it comes to crypto bots. NapBots is the only platform that allows you to combine multiple strategies, even for someone without trading knowledge or with insufficient experience.

To further ensure that you minimize losses on your investments, NapBots has an active community and practical tutorials to navigate the platform and leverage it to suit your profitability and business goals.

Bottom line

Suppose you have read this review from the beginning to this point. In that case, you now have a firm understanding of what it entails, offers, and whether it aligns with your requirements.

One highlight of NapBots is that it is designed to suit investors and traders of various levels of experience. For example, without prior knowledge of trading, if you intend to apply professional strategies, NapBots is the answer to your needs. The team is relatively responsive, the UX is enticing, and the community is supportive.

The simplicity of the system is another striking feature with regard to budget execution and allocation. Considering the rates, they are without a doubt the best value for money. Fairly affordable compared to the cost of looking for professional business strategies.

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