Netflix advances details and price for its video game content

As we saw last week, Netflix is ​​planning an expansion of its subscription service to add new content related to videogames. The surprising twist on the video streaming platform is expected to kick in over the next year, though details have been largely absent. Something that has finally changed with the latest letter from Netflix to its investors.

In its letter, Netflix refers to its interactive movies as Black Mirror Bandersnatch as an initial effort that contributed to its future video game offering. “We consider games to be another new category of content for us,” they explain from the company, “similar to our expansion to original films, animation and unscripted television.”

Although of course, there will be content properly considered as video games. And in fact we have already seen before how the company delved into this type of ideas beyond its original television shows and movies, such as its first game for mobile devices based on the successful Stranger Things.

In fact, Netflix itself has advanced that its first proposal will focus on games for mobiles and tablets, though it’s unclear what kind of content players can expect or how it will be offered, presumably arriving as a section within your current application rather than as independent games.

Thus, the most interesting thing about this letter was undoubtedly the first mention of the price of this new content. The company goes on to explain that will offer its games to its subscribers as part of its current plans, which means that we will not have to pay more to access these titles.

Netflix Co-CEOs Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos have shared their interest in pushing games forward in recent analyst meetings and Netflix’s plans to add games to its offering have already started showing up in hidden files deep within the app. of the company.

Unfortunately, at the moment there is still no confirmation about his possible arrival date on the platform, although it is speculated that We will not see changes until well into 2022.

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