Pedri, unrivaled for the Golden Boy: Odd of 1.50

07/21/2021 at 4:02 PM CEST


And all with only 18 years. Now in the Olympic Games he will compete for the gold (Spain is a favorite on Betfair) acting as leader of the ‘Rojita’. Unstoppable progression that makes Pedri the top candidate to succeed Haaland as the best under-21 in Europe. The Golden Boy, the forecasts say, will leave for Barcelona with an assigned name: Pedro González López. Pedri.

The midfielder stands out a lot among the official list of 80 candidates. At Betfair you pay only [1.50] that expires an award for which you have a 67% implied probability of success. Being already impressive data, Pedri also plays with the advantage of knowing that his contenders for taking this prestigious award are far from his possibilities.

Stars far from Pedri

The closest, second on the podium, is 19-year-old Arsenal striker Bukayo Saka. Saka is one of the young references of the Premier League and points to a relevant player in the English National Team, with whom he had the misfortune of missing one of the penalties with which the title was decided against Italy in the final of the Euro.

Despite that stain on his resume, his future is more than promising. Insufficient, yes, to overshadow Pedri in his fight for the Golden Boy. Saka’s triumph has a share of [8.0], five times greater than Pedri’s. That the award wins barely has a 5% probability, which shows the enormous favoritism of the canary.

The podium is completed by an old acquaintance of the Spanish fans, although he has never worn the shirt of any LaLiga club. Eduardo Camavinga (Rennes, 18 years old) is another of the European pearls that is destined to dominate continental football in the coming decades. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have it on their agenda.

Like Pedri, Camavinga dreams of winning the gold medal in Tokyo. In the case of the Golden Boy it seems that he will also stay in that, in a dream. The quota for the French to win the prize is [11.0]. Less than a 1% implied chance of achieving it.

Messi, Mbappé or Haaland, Pedri’s predecessors

The list of footballers who have beaten the Golden Boy over the years exudes quality in abundance and almost all have managed to triumph later in their careers: Messi, Rooney, Agüero, Balotelli, Götze, Pogba, Sterling, Mbappé, Joao Félix and Haaland are some of the most striking. Among them, also Cesc Fàbregas and Isco Alarcón. If Betfair’s forecasts come true, Pedri would be the third Spaniard to do so.

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