Pictures of Chelly Cantú in a bikini

. Chelly Cantú impresses EXATLON fans

Chelly Cantú is by far one of the most beloved characters that EXATLON has left throughout its different seasons, not only after winning the first, but also because he has managed to win the hearts of viewers with his sweetness and his good role as co-host of the show.

But in addition to such credentials, the former Olympic gymnast, who competed in Beijing 2008, also impresses her loyal fans on social media with her enviable figure, as she was able to do recently.

Chelly showed that she has nothing to envy to the most famous models on the planet, and could easily become the face of swimwear brands.

The Mexican posted a couple of photos in a bikini on her Instagram, where she boasted of her charms, causing her fans to explode with messages full of praise for her anatomy and personality.

Curiously, Chelly mentioned in her first image that she is not a woman to walk posing and that the best photos come out naturally, a fact that she verified with her bikini bottoms.

“If you’re going to ask me to pose for a photo, then you’re with the wrong person 🤷🏽‍♀️ Natural is my thing 😜”, Chelly commented on her social network, where she can be seen lying face down on the sand. “Who else would want incredible photos but they just don’t come out 😪? Hand up if you identify yourself ✋🏽 Thank you @ nicole.rdguez for the photos 😌 #latina #mexicangirl #beach #dominicanrepublic #sealife #sea ”.

One of his followers was so impressed with the beauty and figure of the EXATLON winner that he couldn’t hide his feelings: “CUERPOWER !! You are divine !!! What a great body Chely greetings ❤️❤️❤️ ”.

Other phrases such as “super pretty”, “Wow”, “beautiful”, “How cute” and “you’re divine” were part of the range of comments with which the athlete’s fans came out.

Some even pointed out that if Chelly is beautiful on the outside, her internal beauty and her personality are much more beautiful.

“You look pretty anyway, Chelita, may God take care of you and bless you for your simplicity,” said a follower of the co-host of the fifth season of EXATLON.

But the burning photos of Cantú didn’t stop there. The young woman shared another couple of images, dressed in a tiny bikini with geometric prints, which displayed her steel abs, and in a red one, with which the Mexican took the opportunity to send an inspirational message.

“Smile that life goes on 😊 Once you are of legal age, take responsibility for your happiness, because no one will worry about doing it better than you … so let’s get to work that the career is long. #latina #mexicangirl #beachlife #solplayayarena #smile ”, commented the beautiful young woman.

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