Pitbull kills three-year-old boy

Pinal de Amoles.- A three-year-old boy lost his life in the region of Sierra Gorda de Querétaro after being attacked by a dog of the pitbull breed, public security sources from this entity reported.

The events occurred in the neighborhood of La Loma, municipality of Pinal de Amoles, where relatives of the minor alerted the emergency services about the animal’s attack, requesting the support of the emergency services.

Upon arriving at the scene, the security and medical assistance personnel confirmed that the minor had traces of the attack, in addition to the fact that he no longer had vital signs.

In the first investigations, it was known that it was his relatives who took the animal with the intention of crossing it with a female of their property, so the pitbull was in the courtyard of the home.

During the day, the infant approached the animal, which reacted aggressively, attacking the child to the point of death.


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