Puppy cries after being rescued; was going to be sacrificed

A puppy that was going to be euthanized in a farm moved social media users after being rescued and start crying when they took him out of the cage where he was locked up for several days.

‘Robin’ is a homeless dog that had been captured and locked in a cageAs no one wanted to adopt him, his destiny was clear: waiting to be sacrificed.

The events occurred in the Korean city of Yongin, near the Seoul metropolitan region.

In the video you can see the puppy inside the cage, at which time the activists free him along with 49 other dogs that were locked up.

All the animals that were in that farm presented health problems conditioned by the poor hygiene and unhealthiness that existed in that place.

South Korean laws are clear regarding stray animals, many of them end up in slaughterhouses and parts of their meat in restaurants; remember that South Korea has some regions where the ‘tradition’ calls for eating dog meat.

Thanks to The Humane Society these pet release facts.

South Korea it is one of the countries that euthanizes the largest number of dogs in the world every year; an estimated 30 million dogs die in clandestine slaughterhouses.

Recently authorities south korean They have tried to change the image of the country regarding the consumption of dog meat, including the mayor of Seoul, Park won-soon, announced during 2019 that it would do everything possible to definitively close all business selling dog meat.


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