Read as much as you want and where you want with one of the best electronic books

Do you like to read on the beach or in the pool?

If you like to read by the pool, by the river or on the beach, you might prefer an e-book that is waterproof. Because there are. Even you can relax with a nice hot bath at home, reading one of your favorite books.

In fact, some eReader models have buttons to turn pages, so you don’t have to worry about handling the touch screen when your fingers are wet.

Do you like listening to audiobooks?

And if in addition to reading books you like to be read to you, you will be a fan of the audiobooks. And although it may seem to you that it goes against the primary use of electronic books, the truth is that some models will give us that option.

We can ddownload the titles we want from the eReader itself, since these models have Wi-fi and Bluetooth connection, and play them to enjoy them. Yes, we will need pair a wireless headset with the e-book.

Where to get the eBooks?

When we say that you can download the titles you want, we mean that there are several eBook platforms that are available to everyone.

But everything in will be conditioned by the brand of electronic book you buy. Companies like Amazon, Kobo or Barnes & Noble have their own platforms and copy protections so they cannot be read on other devices. However, others like Onyx allow you to run all your competitors’ Android applications to be able to read everyone’s content.

If you want to expand this information, we recommend that you visit this Wikipedia article. In it you will find all types of brands, platforms and e-book formats.

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