Sarah Jessica Parker takes over the screen in “And Just Like That”

Sarah Jessica Parker suffered a bit during the filming of “And Just like That,” the long-awaited reboot of “Sex and the city” for HBO Max.

We all know that Sarah Jessica Parker is as much of a fashionista as the character she played for years in “Sex and the City,” Carrie Bradshaw; That is why seeing her throwing a purse into a puddle while walking in New York really feels like a sacrilege that not even the actress herself would have allowed herself to do.

As soon as the clutch fell into the water, Sarah rushed to take it and did not hesitate to shake off the water that could ruin it. Although it is not known if it was part of the plot, his expression was really very natural and surprising, as if this action had really hurt him.

However, the wardrobe department has taken up some of the more iconic accessories that were worn in the past for the series, such as the Streets Ahead belt that Carrie wore with some of her looks previously, as well as a pair of Manolo sneakers. Blahnik, for whom his character has always had a certain fascination.

Finally, her Carolina Herrera dress could never be overlooked, it is a bougainvillea pink taffeta shirt model, with a wide volume and flared at a medium height. In the scene, Carrie heads to a meeting with her inseparable friends in a coffee shop: Charlotte and Miranda, who await her just as glamorous.

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