So you can easily expand the ports of your MacBook

Whoever owns an Apple laptop knows that the company’s latest models only have USB-C ports. This standard has become popular in many brands, but in the case of the Cupertino company’s computers, it can be a drawback. the best way to expand the ports of a Mac It is through the so-called Hub. Find out which are the best three and everything they offer you so that you can function with full guarantees.

So you can expand the ports of your MacBook


The Chinese manufacturer presents us with a fairly complete expansion module, which offers us two card readers (SD and TF), an HDMI port, two female USB A and an additional female USB C. It has a fairly careful design and high data transfer, the two USB A ports can be used at the same time. There is no color when using your MacBook with the ports that comes standard to use this model, which is priced at Amazon of 27 euros.

UGREEN Hub USB C 6 in 1

From the same manufacturer we have this model that is very similar, although its concept is somewhat different. It has a cable that makes it easy to install in any of the ports, without having to use both as in the previous model. You can expand and have 3 USB A 3.0 ports, HDMI reader, as well as TF and SD card reader. Its price on Amazon is € 24, and it gets very good ratings.

Abask USB C Adapter

Abask presents an adapter that follows the slogan of the previous one and that offers complete connectivity, since it offers 8 slots for 6 different types of connections. These are 3 USB A, a female RJ45, a USB C, micro SD, TF card and HDMI 4K connection. It can be carried anywhere, since it is a very versatile model and its cost is around € 40, although there is currently a 10% discount promotion on Amazon.

These are the best options you have right now in the North American shopping giant to expand the ports of your MacBook. Remember that with teleworking, we have to have all our devices ready to work and be connected

On the other hand, no one will tell you that Apple computers are not very versatile, Since with these hubs all the connection possibilities are fully expanded to offer you a much more complete service.

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