Southeast Asian stock markets close with mixed results

Bangkok, Jul 21 (.) .- The Southeast Asian stock markets closed this Wednesday with mixed results at a time of pessimism in the region due to the difficulties to control the covid-19 outbreaks in the face of the strength of the delta variant.

Singapore’s parquet was the one that posted the strongest rise, a quarter of a percentage point, while the steepest decline occurred in the Philippines, with a decline of more than 1.5 percent.

In Singapore, the city-state stock market gained 7.80 points, or 0.25 percent, and the Straits Times composite indicator stood at 3,119 units.

In Indonesia, the Jakarta stock advanced 12.58 integers, 0.21 percent, and the JCI index finished with 6,029.98 units.

In Malaysia, the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange subtracted 3.45 points, 0.23 percent, and the selective KLCI ended at 1,516.52 units.

In Thailand, the Bangkok stock rose 2.02 integers, 0.13 percent, and the SET index ended at 1,540.88 units.

In the Philippines, the Manila Stock Exchange fell 110.99 integers, 1.68 percent, and the PSEi composite index closed at 6,476.21 points.

In Vietnam, the VN index of the Ho Chi Minh stock (the former Saigon) closed with 1,270.79 units after dropping 2.50 integers or 0.20 percent.

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