The famous Google dinosaur will have its own widget on Android

Dino Run is coming soon to your smartphone in the form of a widget, you will want to go offline.

It sure has happened to you on more than one occasion. You open Google Chrome with the intention of doing a simple search and discover that you do not have an internet connection. Then that little pixelated dinosaur appears that jumps over cacti and dodges birds.

As pointed out from 9to5Google, we now know that Dino Run – that’s his name – will have its own widget on Android. Curiously, it is already available on iOS, but we won’t have to wait much longer to see it on Google’s operating system.

Soon we will be able to enjoy the dinosaur of disconnection in widget format.

You can now play with Google’s tyrannosaurus from its widget

After the arrival of the wigdets to iOS 14, Google seems to have regained some interest in these “shortcuts” how characteristic they have been in the Android operating system. It looks like, immersed in the widgets code from Chrome you will find this Dino Run.

In case you doubted it, calm down, no need to be offline. You can enjoy the minigame by accessing chrome: // dino from your browser right now, even hack him to turn him into Sonic or Batman.

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