The hottest places on the planet

Do you know which are the hottest places on the planet? Unfortunately, the ever-progressing rise in temperatures in recent decades accompanied by a global climate emergency on our planet, have caused Earth, the only known place where life survives, to overheat.

From all the corners of our planet, there are very specific areas where temperatures represent extreme heat, where the figures give a sensation, just by looking at them, of feeling that you are melting.

And there are specific countries around the world where the sun is relentless and the wind slaps in warm puffs, where temperatures above 50 ºC are quite typical or usual. Maybe you imagine that these places are practically uninhabitable, but this is not always the case. Many extreme temperature environments are home to thousands or even millions of people who have adapted to withstand the hot, dry climate they call home. From vast deserts to bustling cities, the warmest places in the world come in a vastly diverse array of shapes and sizes.

This 2021, moreover, is being especially hot everywhere. In the United States, for example, the ongoing heat wave has ruined roads and melted power lines, due to a “heat dome,” where high pressure traps heat, and is to blame for excessively high temperatures. This heat wave has hit even Vancouver, Canada and other usually cooler areas. Without going further, The small mountain town of Lytton, British Columbia, became one of the hottest places in the world, reaching 47.9 ° C, even hotter than Las Vegas.

This part of the world should never get this hot. After centuries of burning fossil fuels and decades of warnings from scientists, the climate emergency is becoming increasingly apparent and it is a public health emergency. We are at the right time to try and help change everything so that future generations will not find a world turned upside down.

Here is a summary of the hottest places in our world.

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