The Lord of the Rings series will have a diverse cast of hobbits

The series of The Lord of the rings continues to be recorded in the deepest of secrets. Amazon is being really tight with all the details but we always have the folks at TheOneRing.Net for accurate data. Through a new and extensive report, amazing news is confirmed about what we will see in the long-awaited series, one of them tells us that we will have dark-skinned hobbits in the adventures, that’s right. Read on for all the details.

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JRR Tolkien offers interesting details about the halflings in The Fellowship of the Ring and of course the Amazon series does not intend to leave them out. TheOneRing.Net report notes that Sir Lenny HenryBritish actor, comedian and presenter, has been hired to play a hairy, a sub-race of the hobbits that previously inhabited the lands of Eriador. The news outlet is in charge of delving into this type of medium:

Some halflings are dark-skinned precursors to the Shire hobbits, possibly ‘one of three different races’, perhaps the hairy ones; described by Tolkien in the LOTR foreword ‘From the Hobbits’ p. 12: ‘had darker skin’ and also ‘moved west early’, alluding to a time in their wandering days, or perhaps earlier, when they kept no records of their travels through the Misty Mountains to the west.

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With this decision, Amazon will give representation to people of African descent in Middle-earth, something that had already been criticized in the Peter Jackson adaptation several years ago, since his films only had Caucasian protagonists. How to forget when John Boyega condemned that point in 2017 during an interview with GQ: “There are no black people on Game of Thrones – 59%. You don’t see a black person in The Lord of the rings. I’m not paying money to always see one type of person on the screen ”; the actor pointed out that diversity is common and should be brought to film and television: “You see different people from different backgrounds, different cultures, every day. Even if you are a racist, you have to live with it. “

Although the movies of The Lord of the rings they were released many years ago, it is impossible to say that time has forgotten them, quite the opposite. Fantasy productions keep popping up in recent years, but absolutely none compare in scope, quality, and spirit. It’s worth wondering if the Amazon series will have what it takes to meet fan expectations; The truth is that the details revealed with the TheOneRing.Net report are being commented on in a very positive way. We’ll see a fresh twist on the classic worldview Tolkien and we are eager to learn more about the study plans.

The series of The Lord of the rings It does not have a release date on Amazon but its first season will consist of eight episodes. Without a doubt, the studio feels completely willing to invest in everything possible to make it the best of the small screen. Budget is never enough when it comes to putting the beauty of Middle-earth on screen. Will it become a huge, cult hit just like the movies? It is known to be the most expensive project in Amazon history, even more than the last season of game of ThronesAt least in that sense we know that the landscapes and adventures will be spectacular.

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