The Lord of the Rings series will include nudity but will not be sexualized

Today has been interesting for fans of JRR Tolkien’s work, especially for those who are waiting for the Amazon series that will showcase Second Age events. Through a new report, TheOneRing.Net shares details about the production that for months have generated debate among fans; According to the information, the series will include nudity, but not of the sexual type, but a very different one that will serve to explain part of the history of the elves

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When the news began to circulate in 2020 that the casting agency for the series of The Lord of the rings I was looking for actors who were comfortable with nudity, social media turned upside down. Speculation began about Amazon’s intention to make the production a parallel to Game of Thrones – 59%, in which we saw countless sexual moments, mostly with prostitutes. But the new information from TheOneRing.Net ensures that nudity will not be handled like in Game of Thrones:

Nudity is scarce and will not be sexualized, contrary to previous concerns: but rather this artistic choice depicts very dark thematic material that suggests images of concentration camp-type victims, a heartbreaking portrait of the Elves’ corruption by dark powers to finally become Orcs. Editor’s Note: If this is fully developed, it could well be one of the more ambitious things undertaken by this production and perhaps by anyone trying to adapt Tolkien.

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Elves were born during the Tree Ages in Cuiviénen, a land west of Middle-earth and can no longer be returned to. But the Elves were born with different courage and there were some who were not afraid when they saw the vala Örome arrive, who offered them to go to Valinor; others were scared and fled. Some of the latter were controlled by Melkor, the first Dark Lord, humiliated and transformed into pitiful creatures. It seems that the series of The Lord of the rings will address this particular story; here the excerpt from The Silmarillion:

The sages of Eresséa say that all Quendi who fell into the hands of Melkor, before the fall of Utumno, were put in prison, and by the slow arts of cruelty, corrupted and enslaved; and thus Melkor raised the race of the Orcs, out of envy and mockery of the Elves, of whom they were later the fiercest enemies. Because the Orcs had life and multiplied in the same way as the Children of Ilúvatar. [… Y en profundo del oscuro corazón, los Orcos abominaban del Amo a quien servían con miedo, el hacedor que solo les había dado desdicha. Quizá sea esta la más vil de las acciones de Melkor, y la más detestada por Ilúvatar.

Entre otras cosas interesantes sobre la producción de Amazon, TheOneRing.Net confirmó que tendremos un elenco diverso para los Hobbits, y que varios de ellos tendrán la piel oscura, algo que jamás vimos en alguna otra adaptación de la obra de Tolkien. La serie será increíblemente costosa, incluso más que la última temporada de Game of Thrones, por lo que podemos esperar una gran calidad de su parte. Está claro que los showrunners quieren hacer algo realmente impresionante, algo que se compare con la trilogía de Peter Jackson y le rinda honor a las maravillosas historias del Legendarium.

Por el momento no existe fecha de estreno para la serie de El Señor de los Anillos. TheOneRing.Net también mencionó que el primer tráiler todavía está muy lejos de ser lanzado, tendremos que esperar muchos meses.

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