The mystery about Loki’s fourth Time Guardian will be solved

Concept art of the Hall of Timekeepers statues in Loki

The Loki series is full of little references and ideas. Some are simple winks for fans, but others are mysteries and doubts to solve later. A detail that did not go unnoticed by fans was the fourth statue that we see at the beginning of the final episode of “Loki”. When Loki and Sylvie enter the Citadel, after running into Miss Minutes and before meeting the One Who Remains, they come to a room with a series of statues dedicated to the Guardians of Time. One of them is broken, thus leaving only three Guardians, the three that we have seen since the beginning of the series.

There is no time to talk about that fourth Time Keeper. In fact, not the slightest allusion is made. Is it just a simple detail or is there something hidden there? It looks like this topic will make a comeback in the future.

Poster dedicated to the Guardians of Time from the Loki series (2021)Poster dedicated to the Guardians of Time from the Loki series (2021)In an interview for Vanity Fair, the show’s production designer, Kasra farahani, has confirmed that there is more about the statue than we could imagine, among other things, because he can not comment on absolutely anything about it:

I can’t say anything about it, unfortunately, but the answers will come.

Along with the publication of some conceptual arts, which we leave you below, Farahani spoke of his aesthetic inspiration for the Citadel at the End of Time, the huge castle that housed the great villain of the season, The One Who Remains (played by Jonathan Majors ).

I think He Who Remains built it The biggest influence was probably Citizen Kane’s Xanadu and Hearst Castle [la inspiración en la vida real de Xanadú] as a result. This eccentric person who walks through this great citadel.

According to Farahani, the intention behind the Citadel’s design was to make it look dilapidated, while the Remaining office was the only part of the castle in pristine condition.

I proposed this idea to him that he had retired to the office at that time. The atrium, [donde] you see the 13 foot tall statues of the Sentinels of Time and the lobby with the giant clock and the statues of the Guardians of Time… there would be a feeling that it had been removed from these places and that they are in disrepair.

The Time Keepers were introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the first season of Loki as cosmic beings responsible for ending the great multiversal war and creating the Sacred Timeline. However, it was revealed that they were nothing more than androids created by the One Who Remains. Precisely, because they are simple puppets of the One Who Remains, a facade to hide a truth, it is surprising that so much mystery is given to the existence of a fourth Guardian.

Picture of the set of the statues room of the Guardians of Time in LokiPicture of the set of the statues room of the Guardians of Time in Loki

Loki Concept Art (2021)Loki Concept Art (2021)

Loki Concept Art (2021)Loki Concept Art (2021)

Loki Concept Art (2021)Loki Concept Art (2021)

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