The passion of this grandfather caught the attention of Messi


There are not many people in the world to whom the soccer icon Lionel messi He recorded them and sent a message through a video as a way of appreciation, but a 100-year-old Argentine grandfather can say that he is one of the privileged ones.

Hernán Mastrángelo He is a chocolatier by profession and as a hobby keep track of each of Messi’s goals. His grandson Julián published the record on social networks, it went viral and caught the attention of the Barcelona striker himself.

“I wanted to have (scored) all the goals that Messi had had, I thought and said ‘I’m going to do it’, I followed him and I always followed him. I always followed the games and if I didn’t have time to watch them or that, the grandson would teach them here“said the centennial” Flea “fan.

There are many things to say, but I don’t know how to say them, I don’t have that facility like other people, I don’t know, I’m humble. But I like him, I like Messi, I am like that and it was always like that, “added Mastrángelo, who does not handle himself with cell phones or computers.

The rival, the date and the number of goals are part of the record of more than 700 goals Handwritten by Hernán on loose sheets joined by a clasp and reviewed with the help of a magnifying glass.

When the story reached Messi in the middle of the last Copa América won by Argentina, Mastrángelo’s grandson received a call from a relative of the star to thank and send him the video.

“Hello Hernán, obviously your story came to me. It seems crazy to me, I don’t even have the goals saved that way. I wanted to send you a big hug and thank you for what you do, for the follow-up and I wish you the best, “said the forward in the recording.

At his home in Carapachay, a neighborhood located on the northern outskirts of Buenos Aires, Mastrángelo received with surprise and emotion the message through the video that his grandson showed him.

“I don’t think there should be many who (Messi) say that to. Someone else appears there, or bigger.”


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