The Spanish water polo team looks for gold at a large quota

07/21/2021 at 4:55 PM CEST


Yes there are a sport in which Spain has something to say is in water polo. Our team is not the favorite to take the gold in Tokyo 2020, but it is a discipline in which it is difficult to stay with a team. According to the quotas, Spain is the fifth with the most options and his triumph is paid to [6.5].

The team with the lowest quota is Hungary, at [3.2]. The normal thing is that a favorite is paid at little more than 2 euros and this makes it clear that anything can happen. Behind are Serbia and Italy, with quotas of [4.5] Y [5.5] respectively.

There is also the option to bet on the medal winner. In that case we expand options and reduce risk. What Spain go up to the podium is paid to [2.7] And seeing the level that it has been showing in recent times, it is not silly to think that they can achieve it.

The female competition, much clearer

The case of women’s competition is different. There is a team that stands out above the rest and it is difficult to think that the gold medal will escape. That the United States achieves the triumph is paid to [1.25]… and there is no rival to cough.

After the North Americans and according to the odds, there are two favorite teams to win medals and to try to surprise. One of them is the Spanish, whose share of gold is [10]. It is difficult to think that they will be able to unseat the goddesses of this sport, but in the Games anything is possible.

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