The worst makeup of Migbelis Castellanos

. Hermanito de Migbelis Castellanos the makeup: Look at the mess he made!

Since Migbelis Castellanos won the Nuestra Belleza Latina crown in the 11th season of the Univision reality show in December 2018, the queen has become a very active “influencer” on social media.

The Venezuelan beauty does not stop sharing beauty tips, advice and personal experiences, as well as funny videos of her day to day, which bring smiles and even laughter to her loyal followers.

And this time, the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina posted a couple of clips on her Instagram where she showed that, wanting to teach her younger brother a lesson, who is visiting her apartment in Miami, she turned out to have the worst makeup that could have happened. Dyed.

Migbelis said that one night her brother began to rush her to go quickly to the street, while she was getting ready, and after the young man told her that it was taking a long time, she wanted to teach him that putting on makeup takes time and dedication and is not a matter of a two by three.

The beauty queen assured her that she bluntly warned her little brother: “tomorrow I’m going to ask you to do my makeup so you can see how simple it can be.”

And as she warned, the next day, the beauty queen had her brother Moisés do her makeup with several of the products that Migbelis has at home, and showed step by step how the young man literally made an eight.

In the funny videos shared by the former Miss Universe contestant, the lost young man is seen on the use of cosmetic products, and a fatal end result, as made up by his worst enemy.

“MY BROTHER IS MAKING ME UP 4. We reached the end of this makeup tutorial successfully. While posting this video I enjoy my face washed 😂 🤣. Credits to @ moisesc23 for his -failed- make-up attempt. Until next time. I think now I should record it to see how I would clean my face 🤣 ”, was the way the queen announced her video.

And although the makeup was obviously fatal, Migbelis’s brother did not acknowledge his failure as a makeup artist at all and gave himself a bit of encouragement.

“It was not so good, but it was good,” was the phrase he said to his famous sister, to which she responded with emotion and as if it were the end of a martyrdom: “We are finished, thank God.”

Migbelis will present her crown as Nuestra Belleza Latina, later this year, when the show’s 12th season ends, which will begin in September.

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