These are the 3 best robot vacuum cleaners you can buy

Cleaning the home is one of those tasks that has no end, but technology has put at our side a series of devices capable of making cleaning tasks somewhat easier. Robot vacuum cleaners are undoubtedly one of these useful devices. They have the advantage of being relatively inexpensive, acting autonomously and independently, and providing good results. There are some that even include scrubbing and mopping options, although this comparison is made taking into account only the models that vacuum. Find out what the best robot vacuum cleaners that you can buy today and thus begin to free yourself from vacuuming.

What is an adpirator robot?

It is an autonomous device that is capable of performing tasks of vacuuming and sweeping automatically, thanks to brushes and rollers that trap lint and debris. They have a series of sensors that make them avoid stairs or collide with the legs of the furniture, so you do not have to worry in this regard.

These garages have been with us for quite a few years now, but it has been in the last five that they have gotten off the ground. The lowering of its price, the incorporation of many functions and the possibility of managing them through a mobile application, They have made robot vacuum cleaners one more element of our home.

Used on a daily basis, they normally facilitate the work of the deeper aspiration, since they are capable of keeping the soil in good condition. It is also an essential element for those houses that have carpet or carpet or that have a pet.

The 3 best robot vacuum cleaners on the market are these

APOSEN Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It is a device that perfectly performs the vacuuming and sweeping task. It has a HEPA filter capable of absorbing particles of up to six microns, and it is totally effective against pet hair. It is a device that has basic functions, that is, it does not have a remote control or the possibility of being operated by mobile phone. But their 100 minutes of autonomy they go a long way.

But this is not a problem, since when the Cleaning task is finished it returns to its base to charge. Its dust container has a large capacity, so it is not necessary to empty it daily. You can buy it on Amazon for a price of € 130, but if you are in a hurry you can apply a discount coupon of € 30. There is nothing better in this price range.

LEFANT Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This robot vacuum cleaner has several strengths. One of them is battery life, which we can stretch it up to two hours. The other is that it can be controlled through a mobile application or through our Alexa or Google smart speaker. That is, it will be enough for you to give the instruction out loud for the device to start sucking.

It has a great suction capacity, in fact it is one of the most powerful that we can find. It has two side brushes and a central roller brush, It also has sensors throughout the exterior of the robot, with which we guarantee that it will not collide with any obstacle. You can buy it for € 153 on Amazon, but if you do it right now, a € 27 discount coupon will be applied.

Roomba 692 Wifi robot vacuum

Talking about vacuum robots means talking about Roomba, a leading brand with more than 30 years of experience in the sector. We find a device that has an intelligent cleaning system. Connects via Wi-Fi and you can manage it from the mobile application or through your Google or Alexa speaker.

This particular model is specialized in hard floors, such as terrazzo or stoneware, and in carpets, being able to eliminate any type of residue. It is able to learn from your schedules and get going when you need it, in this way you do not have to worry about anything. It has the warranty from a leading manufacturer, and this model has a much higher price than you can find today, since on Amazon it is right now at € 199, 200 less than its usual price.

Why buy a robot vacuum cleaner

Getting one of them provides nothing more than advantages. Although it is always advisable to carry out a deeper vacuum with our usual machine, those people who live alone or who require somewhat more constant maintenance, can have any of these models pTo keep the floor clean.

There is no doubt that having a robot vacuum cleaner is a relief, because the feeling of arriving home and finding the floor tells the rest is something that is priceless. In addition, robot vacuum cleaners do not have a very high price and it is an investment that pays for itself quickly. We have seen that we can find a basic model, but very functional, for less than € 100.

Now that you know what the best robot vacuum cleaner that you can buy today, we recommend that you value the acquisition of one of them to have more free time for yourself.

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