They create a gasoline-scented perfume to comfort electric car drivers

Many drivers have an ambiguous relationship with gasoline: it costs a fortune and pollutes, but there is something that drives them crazy and it is its unmistakable smell.

Judging from the projects of most car companies, the future is the electric car. This type of vehicle undoubtedly has many advantages but the nostalgia for the small pleasure that the aroma of gasoline supposed will always be there … or maybe not?

V & # xed; a Ford

Via Ford

Ford is in full development of an electric range and one of the things that have been raised is precisely this: the complete driver experience includes enjoying the smell of gasoline.

In fact, the company has commissioned a survey on the matter that has revealed that one in five drivers affirms that this It is what they will miss the most when they switch to the electric car. The smell of gasoline is as appreciated as that of new books and even more popular than the smell of cheese and wine.

Given these results, Ford wanted to see if this small pleasure can be preserved in some way and has collaborated with the Olfiction perfume house to create a fragrance that retains the smell of gasoline, which they have named Mach-Eau in honor of their Mustang Mach-E.

To mimic the familiar smell Chemical compounds that are usually found inside cars, in engines and in the fuel itself have been analyzed and they have used this information to give the perfume the scent notes necessary to evoke the sensation.

However, the fragrance doesn’t exactly smell like gasoline: the chemicals have been combined with other aromatic ingredients like lavender or sandalwood to create a pleasant cologne that can be used without smelling like a gas station.

Although they have also worked an original container, which imitates a gasoline pump, the truth is that the perfume is not for sale at the moment. The company has unveiled it at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​as part of a campaign to incentivize drivers to make the switch to new electric models. Will it end up being manufactured on a large scale to ease the transition?

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V & # xed; a FordV & # xed; a Ford

Via Ford

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