They endorse in Veracruz to decriminalize abortion

XALAPA. Veracruz became the fourth state of the Mexican Republic to approve the extension of the legal interruption of pregnancy to 12 weeks of gestation with the approval of 25 of the 50 deputies of the Congress of Veracruz; 13 legislators of the legislative fraction of the PAN they voted against and a deputy from Morena abstained.

The session was held behind closed doors, under the argument of the pandemic and the health protocols that they had to follow not to occupy the session room with more than 30 percent of its total capacity. Outside, not only the media remained, but also representatives of Pro-Life organizations and defenders of women’s rights.

The deputy Monica Robles, author of the initiative, said in Tribuna that it is an urgent measure for all women in the state and does not mean that they are forced, but that there will be gratuity for those who need it.

And he assured that currently there is criminalization and stigmatization against those who do not have access to clinics, not even clandestine. Therefore, he warned that criminalizing violates the rights of those who have the least.

Criminalizing the poorest, those who have none, those who suffer violence, forcing motherhood, even girls, is a crime ”.

The reform includes a decree that reforms articles of the Penal Code for the State of Veracruz, in which it establishes that whoever interrupts the pregnancy after the twelfth week of gestation commits the crime of abortion.

The woman who is provoked or consents to an abortion, once the first twelve weeks of gestation have elapsed, will be given 15 days to two months of treatment in freedom, consisting of the application of comprehensive health measures, with respect for their human rights ”, cites the amended text.

It adds that: “The person who causes the woman to have an abortion with her consent, under the terms of the previous paragraph, will be imposed from fifteen to two months in prison or from fifty to one hundred days of work in favor of the community, and fine of up to 75 days of salary. In this case, the crime of abortion will only be punished when it has been consummated ”.

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