[Videojuegos] Prototype gameplay of the canceled Superman game of 2007

Image of the canceled Superman game from 2007/2008

If there is a clear demand from fans of Superman is having a video game at the height of the character. It’s true that the Kryptonian has appeared in DC games like Injustice, but he hasn’t starred in any solo games on the respective next-gen consoles. It has always seemed that there was in development, even today it is said that there is a title in development that will be announced at any time, but for one reason or another, it has never ended up being confirmed.

One of those games that were being developed was the Factor 5 project, studio responsible for “Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader”. We must go back more than a decade. This game was going to be launched coinciding with the second film by director Bryan Singer dedicated to Superman, the sequel to “Superman Returns”, something that never happened either.

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Video game developer @DevSalvatrix recently shared details on this Superman game on Twitter that she was lead designer for around 2007/2008. The game would have heavily inspired by the cartoon “Justice League Unlimited”, allowing players to control Superman. “Aerial fights, large urban environments, crashes with buildings, quick engagements with targets” and more were planned, and the goal was to give Superman enemies to fight with in their weight class, with concept art shown from Darkseid, Livewire, and Brimstone. .

From the way @DevSalvatrix describes Superman’s game, it was pretty advanced. According to the developer, Factor 5 “had it fully operational as a prototype and was going into full production.” Unfortunately, the project never came to fruition. Apparently, the economic crisis caused the cancellation of the game, and Factor 5 closed in 2009. The developer went so far as to affirm that what she most regretted in her career was “not having been able to see this until its launch.”

It is not the first time that materials from this open world game have arrived, a few years ago we were able to see a series of concept arts and more gameplay. Let’s also remember that it is said that in the last decade, up to two Superman games would have been canceled.

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