What to know when buying a camper?

Not lose money

It is true that, if we seek economic options, own camperization will be the best ally. The key will be to find a cargo van in good condition, with adequate maintenance and enough space to be able to isolate it and continue to have space to camper and develop the electrical installation. In that sense, Fiat Ducato is one of the most popular versions. The second hand is always the cheap alternative but the checks are various: starting with the state of the vehicle, its documentation, the maintenance conditions, the state of the batteries and Technical Inspections.

If we decide to buy new, generalist firms have a product that is very much in line with the cost of the vehicle. The details to take into account in this case are: the distribution, the anchors for family travel and the quality of the furniture. The vehicle is really the least of it, because in new firms they tend to all bet on the same box Fiat, Ford or Mercedes-Benz with identical engines but more or less equipment and driving safety systems. The only thing that will change, if we go for a motorhome, is the aerodynamics of the set when deciding between a integral, profiled or nasturtium (from higher to lower level).

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