When and where will Miss Universe 2021 be?

. Announce when and where will be Miss Universe 2021: And there is already controversy!

Last May, the Mexican Andrea Meza was crowned Miss Universe, in an event held in the city of Hollywood Florida, where she became Miss Universe 2020, since the contest was not held the previous year, due to the COVID pandemic. -19.

And although it had already been reported that the Aztec queen would have one of the shortest reigns, since in December she will have to deliver her crown to Miss Universe 2021, and it had been said that the venue of the contest would be Costa Rica, this Tuesday the organization made a new ad.

Through its official page and its different social networks, Miss Universe confirmed that the beauty contest where Andrea Meza will deliver her title to a new queen will take place in December, but the event will not be in the Central American country, but in Israel.

The organization made the mention on its Instagram account, where in passing it stated that this edition will be very special, as it will mark 70 years of the famous contest.

Through an emotional video, in which they shared some of the most memorable moments and coronations in the history of Miss Universe, the organization invited the fans of the pageant not to miss it.


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“70 YEARS! 👑 The 70th #MISSUNIVERSE competition is heading to…. Eilat, Israel! 🎉 MISS UNIVERSE will be broadcast live around the world in December 2021 ”, was the message with which the organization accompanied its announcement.

Stay tuned for more information or visit @travel_to_Eilat @foxtv @telemundo ”, they added, announcing in passing that Fox and Telemundo will be the channels in charge of transmitting the contest.

The newspaper La República de Costa Rica stressed that that country will no longer host Miss Universe, and mentioned that even representatives of the organization had visited different Costa Rican areas, led by Shawn McClain, vice president of Miss Universe, businessman Steve Thomas and Chris James, producer of the contest.

On the new confirmed venue where Andrea Meza will deliver his crown, Eliat was said to be a beautiful city located on the shores of the Red Sea, near Jordan, known for its quiet beaches.

After the announcement, in several portals and forums specialized in beauty reigns they mentioned that the decision to take Miss Universe to Israel was not very successful, since it is feared that Muslim countries that do not recognize that country as legitimate, will very surely not attend. .

“Indonesia, being a Muslim country, does not recognize Israel as a legitimate state and since the beginning of the conflict they have been firm in their support for the freedom of the Palestinian people, therefore diplomatic relations between both parties are non-existent,” commented the blog Miss Colombia the New Era.

“Some fans of the pageant have complained about Eilat as the official venue, claiming that the Miss Universe organization really only cares about money and its“ humanity ”and“ activism ”are pure“ hypocrisy ”. For this reason, even if it saddens them, they think that not sending a queen is the right thing to do. Will Miss Universe be engaging in propaganda while innocents die in the war? ”Added the aforementioned blog.

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