5 gadgets from the 80s that are in disuse

Although the technology was not as fast as it is now, in the 80s and 90s there were also prominent gadgets that are worth remembering.

More than anything because a large part no longer exists, many of which have been developed into other more sophisticated products. Let’s see 5 80s gadgets that are in disuse.

Walkman and discman

We all remember the Sony Walkman, which dates back to 1984, and the discman, which emerged in 1987. One was to listen to music through cassettes and the other to do it with the CDs that were bought at that time. They went with batteries and if they used up, you had to buy others. They were undoubtedly a great revolution in the leisure of all the people of the moment. These gadgets have given way to many others later, now CDs have lived another life, focused on online downloads and online listening.

Aiwa HR-S01, headphones

If we now look back they seem to us really huge and ugly gadgets, but they solved our lives. In this case, the AIWM HR-S01, although not very popular, were the headphones with integrated radio, rechargeable batteries or 1.5 v batteries, and external amplifier from BF etc. And they could be the beginning of today’s wireless headphones.

The video

The famous video, which allowed us to watch movies that we took from the video store and to record television programs, was one of the most anticipated and used gadgets. There were two types: Betamax (1975-1990) and VHS (1985), which is the one that really triumphed and had the greatest commonality of citizens. They weren’t cheap at that time.

Commodore 64 home computer

It was in 1982 when the Commodore 64 home computer appeared. With a total of 8 bits, it worked with floppy disks where documentation or everything we did with the computer was used.

Radio cassette

They were around for quite some time. And surely if you look there are one or two in your house. This device emerged in the 70s and in it you could put cassettes to listen to music, record music from the radio to the cassette and even record yourself. There were a large number of models, but some could be very expensive.

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