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It is quite common for brands to make prototypes that show your ideas for the future. Designers also do the same and it is always good to be aware of what the highest level do. Among them undoubtedly is Pininfarina, the Italian firm that throughout its history has left us some unforgettable cars. Now they surprise with the Pininfarina Theorem, a very striking design exercise that will not reach production, but does advance some concepts.

The Theorem is a peculiar prototype that has been designed from the inside out, that is to say, first planning the cabin and then sheathing it in a bodywork. The entire process has been carried out through virtual reality, based on the fact that it is a electric and autonomous vehicle. The result is a specimen 5.4 meters long and only 1.4 meters high, the interior of which is ideal for traveling in total comfort.

Access is made directly from the opening left by the forward-moving sliding roof. Initially it can host five people with a 1 + 2 + 2 layout, but the key is your huge modularity. Because these seats, made with the help of the specialist Poltrona Frau, can become a kind of benches that can be used as a bed so that users can rest on board. In the generous glass area all the information would be projected thanks to the augmented reality signed by WayRay.

From this very futuristic and usable cabin, the rest is created. Benteler is used to use a specific chassis for electric, of which technical data have not transcended. We do not know the autonomy that this Pininfarina Teorema would have, but it is clear to us that it would be autonomous and that it would have three driving modes (Autonomy, Drive and Rest). Also that the bodywork has been made with the aerodynamic efficiency, with shapes that favor air flow.

As we said, there is no intention of bringing this Pininfarina Theorem into production. It is a mere prototype which serves to indicate the potential that the designer has and the interesting solutions that could come in the next few years.

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