Agreement closed Romero – Tottenham

07/22/2021 at 11:32 PM CEST

Cuti rosemary He is one of the players with the largest cartel in the current transfer market. After breaking it in Atalanta and in the Argentine national team, the central defender would have closed an agreement that would link him to Tottenham for the next few seasons.

Just a few days ago, ‘Sportitalia’ reported that Barça was attentive to the situation of Christian romero, 23-year-old center-back who has been very important in Argentina, champion of the Copa América. He only played three matches in the competition due to muscle problems, but they were some of the most important (the group stage matches against Uruguay and Paraguay and the final against Brazil). In Atalanta, last season he has played 42 games, scored three goals and provided five assists.

However, the Barça club would have a rival at Tottenham with whom they could not compete. The English team would be willing to invest more than fifty million euros for the Argentine. It should be remembered that Atalanta recently paid 16 million to Juventus to exercise the purchase option on the player.

With the agreement closed between the Cuti rosemary and Tottenham, the English team must now negotiate with Atalanta the details of an operation that will be one of the most important in the current transfer market.

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