America is introduced

Tonight on the La Corregidora court, Club América will be performing in its first match of the tournament. The expectations are the same as always, although his fans have already gotten used to Solari’s boring game.

There were no important signings, no media players arrived, they changed the shirt, which, by the way, is very ugly, trying to sell the new clothing, and it seems that nothing has happened since they were eliminated by Pachuca in the quarterfinals of the previous tournament .

The return of Miguel Layún is the most striking thing, but we are talking about a footballer who was very important a few years ago and who is already on his way out. He is a man who must work a lot, both on the court and in the locker room.

For now, today they appear before a Querétaro that is a mystery, it brought many reinforcements and we hope they will fight as a local because we already know that, far from Querétaro, it is a very weak team.

America has significant casualties due to players who are loaned to national teams and we will see how much it misses them in the first dates. Jiménez in goal and several changes will have to put them on the pitch today.

They always have the demand to fight for the first places and to seek the championship, although the reality is that there are teams that look much more powerful than they.

Solari could already put together the squad as he wanted and they had the preseason as he likes. By the way, they won all their preparation matches.

We will see if Bruno Valdez has already recovered his best form after a very serious injury. We will see if Roger improves his performance and becomes the goal man. We will see if Viñas continues to be removed from the starting lineups. We will see if the reinforcements, such as Madrigal and Reyes, do not weigh the shirt. We will see if a new jewel emerges from its quarry. We will see without their team a little more spectacular compared to last year.

America always generates expectations, fills stadiums, is loved and hated, it is a very important team in Mexican soccer.

It is time, with Solari, to win titles and they have the opportunity to win Concacaf and later fight for the league.

America is presented and that always generates expectations. The tournament starts in Querétaro.

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