Athletics | Olympic Games: Eight qualifying processes for the Games, denied by the Integrity Unit

The Athletics Integrity Unit reported this Thursday that in the run-up to the Games it has studied 17 suspicious qualifying processes (affecting 16 passes, 31 athletes and five relays), of which eight were finally sanctioned and annulled.

Thus, this Unit, in addition to the fight against doping, works to prevent any type of action that constitutes fraud in sport, and that can range from manipulation of results in competition, illegal gambling, bribery and corruption, manipulation of age …

In the cases studied, there were suspicions of photo-finish, errors in the measurement of routes (shorter), the illegal use of hares …

“I would like to thank everyone who has reported suspicious activity. This work has been important in protecting the integrity of the classification process and the fair allocation of places for athletes,” said David Howman, president of this Unit.

Improved performance and efficiency

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