Audition of Alejandra Espinoza in Nuestra Belleza Latina

. Alejandra Espinoza won Nuestra Belleza Latina in 2007

Nuestra Belleza Latina premiered in 2007 as a reality show that looked for beautiful and talented women, “intelligent and with grace and elegance”, and in that first season the winner was the Mexican Alejandra Espinoza, who to this day continues to be the spoiled queen of the Univision program.

From the beginning of her path in search of the crown of the first season of Nuestra Belleza Latina, the Mexican, who the previous year had tried to conquer the title of Nuestra Belleza México without success, shone on account of her beauty and security.

The then 19-year-old girl, made her audition in the city of Los Angeles, and after doing a very long line of hours, she finally appeared before the judges’ table, of which Osmel Sousa and Piolín Sotelo were part of that time, who They did not hesitate for a second to give him the real pass.


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“Good afternoon, my name is Alejandra Espinoza, I am 19 years old and I am from Tijuana, Baja California”, was the phrase with which the beauty queen appeared before the panel of judges, in her casting, where she wore a skirt dress Printed and black sleeveless top, even accompanied by a red bead necklace.

The young woman was questioned by Osmel Sousa about what made her different, and from there she brought up the issue of self-confidence.


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“Your security has to do with highlighting your beauty. If you are beautiful and you are not sure of yourself, then you are nothing, ”Alejandra answered very firmly.

Immediately afterwards, the young woman made an improvised scene of love and conflict with Piolín Sotelo, and although she handled things very well, she did not dare to comply with the jury’s directive that she close the moment with a kiss to her beau.

Previously in line, while waiting to be called to her audition she said: “I think I can do this, and I really want to go in”, but at the order to kiss Tweety, she maintained that she was not going to do it.


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“I dare not kiss him,” she said with great honesty and grace, causing the jury, including Osmel, to burst out laughing.

Alejandra, who after her triumph as Nuestra Belleza Latina has developed a successful career on television, confessed that she did not prepare for that audition, but from the first moment Osmel was delighted with her.

“It seems to me that he has a face that registers well on television, so, you are a beautiful signature here”, was the phrase with which in Zar de la Belleza he gave the pass to the Mexican, who when leaving her then boyfriend, who was waiting for her outside the set.

Season 12 of Nuestra Belleza Latina will return in September through our Facebook page Nuestra Belleza Latina Right now, which you can visit here, you will be able to find out all the details of the show and from now on many interesting news and memories.

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