Badminton | Olympic Games: Clara Azurmendi, before her Olympic debut: “I hope my emotions don’t take their toll”

Clara Azurmendi is looking forward to debuting in her first Olympic Games this Saturday. “I don’t feel any pressure to be here, now to give it my all and enjoy it”, he says with a smile. She has not been erased since she found out she was qualified for the Olympic event. He has not lost one with his family, but always through television. This time, she will be the one on the other side of the screen, the protagonist.

They are going to be very big emotions and I hope to be focused. I hope that my emotions do not take their toll on me and that I have them under control. I remember the people who always support me and cannot be here. The best I can do is give my best and fight for victory“says the Donostiarra.

Be on a cloud and try to savor and squeeze every minute of these Games: at the Olympic Village, in training … “I’m looking forward to Saturday, go out to play and start the tournament. The nerves are being noticed inside, they are already beginning to appear “He acknowledges smiling.

“The objective is to go game by game. There are two and only one of the group passes. They are complicated and you have to fight them. Give my best while playing,” he promises.

Pablo Abi

Pablo Abin and Clara Azurmendi, at a COE press conference.

The confirmation of your Olympic qualification She received her at her home in San Sebastian, where she was concentrating with the national badminton team. I’d been waiting for days for it to become official. “Until I see it, I don’t believe it,” he confessed before.

“When I first heard: ‘Clara, you’re going to Tokyo,’ I was shocked. In my head it was unfeasible today. It cost me to assimilate it, “he recognized then.

It was the award for many years of work and effort. The Donostiara left her homeland at the age of 14 to go to the High Performance Center in Madrid to train. He left the ‘Champion Wanted’ program, aimed at recognizing new talents.

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