Basketball | Olympic Games: Lucas Mondelo: “The objectives are to win the first game, enter the quarterfinals and avoid the United States”

The women’s basketball team continues acclimating to tokyo with his gaze fixed on the first intersection of his participation in the Olympic games. An appointment marked by fire in the calendar of the team of Lucas Mondelo, which has the complicated mission of trying to revalidate the silver won at the Olympic event in Ro in 2016.

The Barcelona technician prefers, for the moment, not to be in a hurry and goes step by step: “The objective is first, to qualify for the quarterfinals, and to win the first game, which is going to be tough because his game is very different from ours. You have to try to win as much as possible to try to be first or better, second, to try to be seeded in the quarterfinals. What you have to try is to avoid the United States“.

Mondelo is optimistic for the premiere, infected by what the team transmits in these first training sessions: “The sensations of the team are very good at a competitive and physical level. We are better physically and at the game level. There are already more automatisms, more complicities. The team is fine, the only thing is that these Games are going to be tough. The most even in history. “

For his part Alba Torrens placeholder image He also spoke about the difficulties the team has had in adapting to its new schedule, although he acknowledged that it had already been overcome: “The time difference is noticeable and the first three days we have been adapting the sleep and the rhythm. We have managed to work well. It’s one more game thing in this case. We have already completed the first training sessions and we are very focused on preparing for the first game and continuing to work on our game, on those things that we know can be improved. “

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