Chyno Miranda’s brave account of his health

One day after returning to the stage of ‘Premios Juventud 2021’, Chyno Miranda makes a brave story about his state of health in the form of a documentary that he shared on his social networks.

It is impossible not to get excited when seeing the more than 5 minutes that the recording has where you see the singer eager to communicate with his fans, to tell him what he is experiencing in the first person, but with the little possibility of being able to express themselves to do it.

The video begins with Chyno in the hospital bed singing a duet ‘Raro’, with his inseparable wife, Natasha Araos… What continues is a string of several attempts by the singer to want to express himself and tell what he had lived and is still living.

Titled ‘confusion’, as he decided to call this stage of his life, between what he was able to say with great courage and effort, and what was expressed in writing, Chyno reconfirmed what we were already telling you at the time, After going through COVID-19, he had a peripheral neuropathy that left him, among many things, without walking, without being able to speak.

What had not been revealed until now is that as a result of this, In September 2020, he had encephalitis, which is an inflammation of the brain, something that worsened his state of health and he had to go into an induced coma.

In fact, in the video you can see Tashie sharing the moment he wakes up from it, and already bathed and groomed tells him, with a very weak voice, that he is ready for the game.

According to what they themselves explain in the video, encephalitis causes confusion in thinking, speech disorders, agitation, anxiety, among many other things.

“They were difficult moments, I had a lot of depression, I had a lot of sadness … I had to learn to bathe, to do everything again. I really felt very bad, “explains Chyno in the special.

“I want my fans to know that I am here with all the love in the world, to talk with you, I want you to know the whole reality of the matter and that I love you very much and that I am here to give you all my career, everything that comes and all the music I’m still making ”, the video ends with those words, as he babbles and shows his degree of anxiety, and with a close-up shot in the tattoo he has on his left wrist that says, ‘the sun will always rise’.

The interview, which was conducted on July 13, took 5 hours to be able to do it. In a letter almost at the end of the recording, he says that during those hours it was very difficult for Chyno to articulate what he wanted to say, because anxiety beat him, and that is why They ask both us, the media, and the public, understanding and support for him and his family.


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