Colombia denounces that attack against president was planned in Venezuela

The Colombian authorities claimed on Thursday that behind the recent attack on the helicopter in which the president was traveling Ivan Duque is the front 33 of the dissidents of the extinct Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), who had planned the attack from Venezuelan territory and with the help of an ex-military Colombian, who was captured along with two other allegedly implicated in that incident.

Defense minister Diego Molano pointed out that this would be a sample of how the government of Venezuela allows the operation of members of exFARC in its territory.

The official presented some audios as proof that members of that dissident group would be behind. In one of them, alias “Ciro”, identified as Ciro Alfonso Gutiérrez Ballesteros, he would try to convince a man – whose identity was not revealed – to be involved in the criminal action, despite the fact that he tells him that he is afraid.

The June 25 was shot the helicopter in which Duque was traveling in a border region with Venezuela, without anyone being injured. It was the first attack of its kind against a head of state in recent history.

The aircraft, which also had ministers of the Colombian government, was hit by several rifle bursts. The authorities found some FAL and AK-47 weapons that were used in the attack near the Cúcuta airport, and they also captured one of the alleged shooters, Édison Durán Ascanio, alias “Ascanio”.

Front 33 of the exFARC is a faction that did not accept the agreements of peace signed with the government in 2016 and that according to the Colombian police operates from Venezuela.

The authorities found a direct relationship between the attack on the president and the attack with a car bomb on the Army’s 30th Brigade, perpetrated 10 days earlier in the city of Cúcuta, which left 44 people injured, including some US military personnel. The two events were the responsibility of the 33rd front of the exFARC and even the alleged perpetrators shared.

For these attacks were captured ten alleged members of the 33rd front of the dissidents, seven of them in the investigation of the attack on the military base and three more for the attack on the president. One of them was identified as Andrés Fernando Medina Rodríguez, alias “El Capi”, a former Colombian Army soldier, accused of designing the attack due to his aeronautical and military knowledge.

The ex-military alias “Capi” would have offered his plan to attack the president against the ringleaders of the FARC dissidents. “He prepared a topographic study of the Camilo Daza airport (in Cúcuta) and pointed out how the shooters should behave and where to locate themselves so as not to be detected,” the Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement.

It was established through evidence collected with judicial police orders … the connection between the attack by Brigade 30 with the same people and some others who came from the Catatumbo area (on the border with Venezuela) for the attack against the president “, Said, for his part, the director of the Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas, who also pointed out that they knew” the instructions from Venezuela, the 33rd Front, to carry out this attack. “

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