Cycling | Olympic Games: Mavi Garca: “The ideal is a tough race, at least I’m used to the humidity”

Updated 07/22/2021 – 11:11

The Balearic cyclist has established herself as one of the best in the international peloton when the road gets steep. In the hard journey of Tokyo he hopes to be in front fighting with the best.

What is the key going to be?

We have gone to see the circuit and I was expecting something more port type, but it is not like that. You are accumulating unevenness and it is all a ‘up and down’. Be of pure resistance. Between the humidity that it does and the wear and tear, people will be falling due to hardness.

What is the Spanish strategy?

Italy and the Netherlands will have to be controlled. Good climbers, when they start, is when they have a decisive point. There are two places here where you can do a little more damage, at the end of the climb where there are two kilometers harder and then at the entrance to the circuit where there is a hard entrance with a steep slope.

Just what suits you.

This suits me a bit, yes. I am one of resistance and, if the race goes slowly, that does not favor me. There are only two of us and we will have to take advantage of the details. We must watch out for who we care about.

Are you in your best shape?

I arrive very well. I have finished the Giro and I am correct, I am not very tired. I have been 5 in the Giro and that gives me motivation. After a ten-day lap there wasn’t much to do either. We have trained here a couple of times and as I am used to the heat that may help me.

But this is completely different.

In Mallorca there is humidity, but this is different. It is very overwhelming, out of the ordinary. Wheels and at 10 minutes you’re already dripping. You have to be well hydrated, put ice etc. You have to do this well throughout the race.

Speaking of proper names, which ones do you see with more options?

From the Netherlands, any of the four can win, they are all very good and perhaps on the one hand it is good because they cannot fight each other. In Italy there is Longo who is also a favorite.

A few days after debuting in a Games, what are your feelings?

I tend to normalize things quite a bit, but it is true that it is not until I see myself in the situation that I start to get nervous. I know it will be a race that will make me nervous, although in my head there is only the idea of ​​enjoying it, but I also really want to run and do well.

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