Cycling | Olympic Games: Spain, first medal in Tokyo: “Valverde is the leader, but not the only trump card”

Pascual Momparler, Ion Izagirre and Alejandro Valverde they addressed the media on Thursday.

The Murcian started speaking: “The trip has been good. We have been able to train with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. We have seen the last climb and we will see the arrival on Friday. On Saturday we will know if we have arrived with enough time “. Izagirre, for his part, acknowledged that they had” rested well after acclimatization“.

Momparler confirmed that victory on Saturday will be almost certain among the men coming from the Tour de France: “In principle, yes, but sometimes it has happened like in San Sebastian that others have won. Those who come from France are usually in great condition and that is a plus.” Although Valverde again sowed doubts about preparation: “if we have acclimatized well, we will see it after the race.”

Regarding possible premature attacks from Italy or Belgium, Mompa has the answer: “We have two options, if they attack us we have to go after them or we are dead. The script is clear, we know where we have to be and we do not want to lose face to the race”. In order to Izagirre, having to solve an uncontrolled race at the finish line “would not be a problem, the key is to be on the run because otherwise you will have to sacrifice people and there are only five of us going.”

A leader with several ‘finishers’

“It is clear that the leader is Alejandro but he has teammates who can finish. We cannot leave everything in the hands of Valverde. The rest has to be available for whatever,” added the coach. Beyond Spain, those involved pointed to Urn, Mollema, Pogacar, Roglic, Evenepoel and Van Aert like the big favorites although “our main one is the race”.

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