Donald Trump: Venezuela is regaining “supremacy”

July 22, 2021 July 22, 2021


The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, confessed that the case of Venezuela on the political issue was “very bad” during his administration but, in his opinion, now it seems to be giving “signs of life” with the Government of Joe Biden.

“We look at different things in Venezuela, I think they are showing signs of life again. The leadership of Venezuela was very bad with us, it was going to fall and now it is regaining supremacy again, ”Trump said in an exclusive interview for Telemundo 51.

During his administration, the former Republican president also attacked the Cuban regime with restrictions on travelers and commercial sanctions for those who negotiate with companies linked to the military.

For Trump, the Cuban regime “would not have endured a second term of his” due to the sanctions imposed.

“I think they could not last much longer, because I made sanctions, I did many other things as you know, and now they feel emboldened,” the Republican told Telemundo 51 channel.
During his four-year term, Trump attacked the Cuban regime with restrictions on travelers and trade sanctions on those who negotiate with companies linked to the Cuban military, among other measures.

The current US Government announced this Monday that it is studying reauthorizing the sending of remittances to Cuba and also the transfer of more diplomatic personnel to the island, two measures with which President Joe Biden would reverse decisions of his predecessor, Donald Trump ( 2017-2021).

These are measures that Biden has decided to explore as a result of the protests that occurred in Cuba on July 11, the largest in several decades, as detailed to the agencies ., AP and . White House officials.

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