Emily Blunt insists on her little interest in becoming a superhero

Image of actress Emily Blunt

The actress Emily blunt it’s opening with the movie “Jungle Cruise,” and that puts it back at the center of the conversation. The fan-casts that place her as Sue Storm continue to sound, although Marvel Studios has not taken any step forward in this regard, at least that we know of. Inevitably, in promotional interviews you have been asked again about this question.

To the sadness of the fans, the actress is completely shown again disinterested in the world of superhero movies. Her name has sounded on numerous occasions for different superhero projects, especially from the Marvel world, but she states that she has no interest in these types of films, just as she has been expressing in recent months.

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Speaking to THR, Blunt understands the passion that many may have for superhero movies, but acknowledges that it is not something that catches her eye.

I really understand that [las películas de superhéroes] they are like a religion for many people. I’m not attracted to them in the same way. I don’t have that burning desire to play a superhero.

In the past, she has been known to have been offered such important roles in the Marvel universe as Black Widow. It was also said that she was offered Captain Marvel, but she denied it. It should be remembered that in principle his name is associated with the adaptation of the comic Ball & Chain that he will co-star, once again, with Dwayne Johnson and will arrive via Netflix.

A few months ago he recognized that he did not like superhero movies, and although that did not necessarily mean a resounding no to participate in a film of this style, it did say that it had to be a great movie, and playing a great character.


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