Experts Call for Reporting Business Abuses Online

07/22/2021 at 09:55 CEST

A group of cybersecurity experts is urging companies to create a way for people to report that workers are behaving abusively online. Several companies have already signed up, say two of Respect in Security’s founders. The initiative launched this Thursday.

Lisa Forte of Red Goat Cyber ​​Security says that have received unsolicited explicit content from official LinkedIn accounts and violent threats on Twitter and Instagram. And they didn’t come from anonymous accounts. Social media platforms face regular criticism for the way they respond to reported abuses. They use a combination of automation and human moderators to identify and respond to bullying.

“For many people, it is a no man’s land,” Forte declared. “It may seem that the platforms do nothing, the police do not do long, the lawyers are expensive and the publicity generated by the legal action can be negative. “The best solution we have, if the culprit can be identified, is to approach the user. We are not saying that a company is responsible for the behavior, but you will be able to decide the most suitable way to deal with it, which may be offering support rather than disciplinary action. “

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